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Every Act of Recognition Alters What Survives

مشاهد مما نجى

Rand Abdul Jabbar


The Garden Scene

Act III: The Garden Scene, from the series Every Act of Recognition Alters What Survives, 2021.
Painted stoneware. 142 x 58 x 3 cm.
Commissioned by Shubbak Festival.

Act III: The Garden Scene, the fourth of a series of interventions within Chelsea Physic Garden, is a re-imagining of the relief of Queen Libbali-Sharrat’s Gardens at Nineveh, currently in the British Museum. Depicting King Ashurbanipal within the predominantly feminine space of the palace and composed of botanical specimens symbolising his vast geographic reign, it suggests nature’s divine endorsement as represented in the feminine form. The artist’s sculptural response, made to the same size as the original, conveys the collective experience shared by the group of women who are undertaking the journey of Every Act of Recognition Alters What Survives together.

Also part of this series is Act II: The Climbing Vine.

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